Middle School League Updates

Congratulations to our League Champions and Tournament Champions – Roosevelt Black! 

Dont forget to check out our All-Tournament Team:
DP Hockey 1 – Sophie Genivich & Phoebee Limm,
Roosevelt Black – Michelle Tapia & Peyton Kemp,
Vipers A – Kiera Niestas & Zoe Mohrman,
Madison A – Lillie Behnke & Zyndelle Leon,
DP Hockey 2 – Makenzie Kensal,
Madison B – Abby Frame,
Potter – Maiya Romero,
Rancho Minerva – Diana Garcia,
Roosevelt Red – Caitlyn Cielo,
Valley Center Stix – Alyssa Mckeever,
Vipers B – Judith Contreras,
Wargles – Lizzie Tedrow